‘Am I capable enough for this?’ ‘Am I worthy? ‘

These are questions that are often asked to parents by their children.
When asked by your children, what is your response?

For a child. Their parents are their world. The opinions of a parent matter to them more than anything in the world. Most children doubt themselves a lot and reassurance from parents is what makes them feel better.

When a child doubts themselves the fact that their parent believes in them is what keeps them going.
Believing in your child doesn’t only mean that you support your child and also believe in their decisions but providing the best atmosphere, not projecting your own insecurities on them and also challenging them to their full potential is what increases not only your belief in them but also their belief in you.

The word BELIEVE consists of 7 letters but has a value of more than 7 gazillion. Believing is a crucial factor in relationships and helps make it stronger. Believing in your child assures them that they do have unique talents and personality and have a place in this world.






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