“How many of you are your own Santa’s?”

I recently saw the original English version of Bucket List. There were a lot of heart touching moments and memorable dialogues. But out of all of them, this is the one I was most pulled towards – “Have you ever found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others?”
Christmas is here and everywhere you go, there is happiness, celebrations, and joy. The cozy weather, bright lights, and long wish lists. We are all waiting for Santa to come around and give us our gifts and for our family members to come over and spend time.
I pondered over it and thought, instead of having someone else be one’s Santa, can’t a person be their own Santa? Happiness and joy come in the tiniest of things. e.g. Having a meal with your family, or making your favorite meal or just having some quality time for yourself, etc.
But being one’s own self’s Santa is how a person can bring joy and happiness to people around them. If you are able to find happiness and joy in yourself and are fulfilled with your actions and their outcomes; that’s the time you will finally be able to actually spread the true joy and happiness of Christmas. Because a candle has to always light itself, before lighting the others.






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