Think before you keep pet or nick names.

Most of you must have heard about this experiment of 2 identical plants in similar conditions being treated with positive and negative words for 30 days. One plant was criticized and negatively spoken to, while the other was showered with compliments. By the time the month was over, both plants looked different from each other.

The plant that received the negative criticism appeared visibly different with drooping and dying leaves, while the plant which received compliments looked flourishing and beautiful.

Sometimes we keep pet names for our child, or people around us, e.g Gollu, Bollu, Panda, Godzilla, Angry Man, Hitler so on and so forth. If you notice that often that person starts behaving like their pet/called names. Some small negative talks hamper our child growth. It affects their physical plus mental health and child starts dropping his/her self value.

Let us think before we keep name or criticizing. The long term behavioral impact is almost irreversible






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