Unleash your inner superwoman

Being a woman is one of the most tiring jobs in history. You have to manage your work life and personal life within which most of your attention and energy is lost in taking care of household, family and other trivial matters. By paying attention to the various different people and matters in your life you have forgotten a very important part – YOURSELF. We put on various different caps but forget to put on the cap of ‘ME’ because doing so will end up in us handing over our remote to someone else to control. For a woman, her self-value is of utmost importance. Self value for a woman is dependent on how she treats herself. The more she puts others before her, the more she loses herself. Our self value is built on the discovery of our strengths and weaknesses and how we make use of them. And what are our strengths and
weaknesses? They are the super treasures of every person’s life that makes them stand out of the crowd. But how do we use them to our benefit?
By the 3 P’sPositive mindset :
I bought a small plant two months ago to decorate my house interior. I had always been fond of them and looked

Positive mindset

I bought a small plant two months ago to decorate my house interior. I had always been fond of them and looked after them very well. But my husband and daughter didn’t receive the plant because of love. Instead they spoke negative things. Within a few months, instead of flourishing the plant shriveled up and died. Having a positive mindset produces positive results. And having a positive aura makes a healthy soul. If negative thoughts and words can have such an adverse effect on a plant, imagine its effects on us, humans. This is why always having a positive mindset and surrounding yourself with a positive aura is necessary.


Perseverance is the quality of those who persevere —continue to do or try to achieve something despite difficulty or discouragement. An excellent example would be J.K Rowling. An aspiring student she had to give up her studies to take care of her dying mother. She soon married a Portuguese Journalist with whom she had a child. But soon after the couple divorced and the weight of separation and a child’s begin to act upon her and she plunged into depression. But yet she battled it, made a story that is now one of the most loved one’s in the world and turned her weakness into her strength.


Practice makes man perfect. This saying has been told to us since childhood and there’s no denying that this is indeed the truth. Nick Vujicic is a man who was born without limbs. Yet he decided to accept his situation and make best out of it. And after we begin to use them to our benefit, how do we build our self love and value? By Accountability. Many people think that being responsible is similar to being accountable. To an extent it is but responsibility is shared and accountability is responsibility for the self and being answerable for your actions. Acceptance is the next method to build self love. Everyone is unique and special in their own way.  






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