What’s your belief factor?

Many of us believe in God right? Even though there isn’t scientific reasoning to prove their existence? So why do we believe in them? Why do we pray and put all our faith in a being that may not even exist? Because somewhere in the back of our heads we believe that someone is out there somewhere listening to us and answering our needs/wants. This is our belief factor.

Belief is an idea you hold true whether irrational or rational and are developed from what we see, hear, experience, read and think about.
In a similar manner, belief in one self shouldn’t depend on anything but on basis of or trust and faith on ourself.
If you believe that you are unwell, you will be unwell. If you believe that you can succeed you will be able to succeed. Faith in oneself enhances happiness and success levels.

Your belief leads to right judgement that leads to right actions which gives out better results.






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